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We are pleased to announce cooperation with BIOSAN HEALTHCARE TRADING AND SERVICE LTD. for the distribution of our Qseal tube sealers in Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and Ukraine.

Biosan is a Hungarian company active in the distribution and trade of medical instruments, accessories, pharmaceutical products and blood bags.

Biosan are based in Budapest, Hungary, and represent many international companies with products and equipment that meet the requirements of the highest quality standards.

Biosan’s main objective is improvement of the health care situation by introduction and distribution of high quality medical and laboratorial equipment.

For more information about Biosan, please contact them on

Vesztergombi and Lundman

Gábor Vesztergombi, General Manager Biosan, and Nicklas Lundman, Sales & Marketing Manager Conroy, in Budapest April 2015.


Conroy in the field

At Conroy we believe in close communication with the end users of our products.

Today we had the pleasure of visiting a mobile donation unit in Stockholm, Sweden.

We got the opportunity to discuss and understand the particular requirements and challenges when working in a mobile unit.

This blood donation trailer is one of several mobile units operated by Karolinska University Hospital.

To find out more information about blood donation in Sweden, visit their homepage:

The blood donation trailer parked in Stockholm, Sweden.

The blood donation trailer parked in Stockholm, Sweden.

Experiencing the working Environment.

Experiencing the work environment.