IPPC15 logo 2015

The International Plasma Protein Congress, IPPC, takes place in Rome, March 10-11.

Conroy will be present to meet distributors and partners.

Would you like to meet and discuss opportunities, please contact us on info@conroy.se

Read more about the Congress here.

Summary of AGTF e.V. Deutschland

We would like to thank aegis medical technologies  (http://aegismedtec.com/), AGTF e.V. Deutschland and the participants for a great experience at the training seminar and exhibition in Kassel, Germany last weekend.

A great number of participants visited aegis booth to try out our high performance tube sealers, Qseal-air, Qseal-opti and Qseal-handy. We are very happy for the large interest and the great feedback.

Did you not receive our leaflets or are you missing some information? Please contact aegis (follow the link on our Distributor page) or send us an email to info@conroy.se and we will help you.

Qseal standQseal productConroy with aegis medical technologies