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Conroy presents a whole new freedom and flexibility in tube sealing. A cordless, battery operated, tube sealer for PVC and EVA tubing. This lightweight unit increases mobility in your work environment. It’s ideal for mobile donation sites and laboratories where you have a high workflow. Flexibility instead of limitations. It allows you to work without the restrictions of a cord or external battery. This lightweight portable unit with ergonomic design seals with just the press of a button, with a perfect result every time. No hand power needed! The intelligent sensing system will automatically adjust to tubing size. A 3 colored LED-display provides information about the process and confirms completion of a high quality result. A transparent splash guard provides additional user safety. An easily detachable battery, with high capacity and fast charging, ensures operation without interruption.It’s certified to be used when the donor is still connected to the tubing.



  • Protected sealing area.
  • Can be used when the donor is connected to the tubing.

High Quality

  • Sophisticated sensing system
  • Automatically adapts sealing time.

Easy to use

  • Cordless
  • No hand power needed
  • Sealing starts with the press of a button.
Qseal-free, a cordless battery sealer with ergonomic grip. Ideal for location where being mobile is a necessity.

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