Impressions from MEDLAB

Thanks to organizers and participants for a successful meeting. It was great meeting new an familiar faces to discuss opportunities.

Qseal available in South Korea


We are very happy to establish cooperation with Acme Medical Incorporation for the territory of South Korea.

Acme Medical Incorporation has been established in 1979 with the mission of supplying qualified medical products into Korean market.

Currently they are the market leader of blood recovery system in the Operation room & the Emergency room and as well as with the blood processing systems in the Blood bank/Hematology/Oncology.

Please find more information about them on their homepage here.

Impressions from the ISBT

Conroy would like to thank the organizers, participants and fellow exhibitors for a successful ISBT congress in Bangkok.

We are looking forward to all new opportunities for our blood bag tube sealers in the region.

Our abstract about our upcoming product, Qstrip, an automatic tube stripper, was selected for a poster presentation.

Thank you for all interest and positive comments about our blood bag tube sealers and the new automatic tube stripper.

Find more information about our Qseal sealers here.


SFTS 2019

We would like to thank SHMC Medical Technologies for a great presentation of the Qseal sealers at the SFTS congress in Nantes.